Advantages of wooden knob puzzles

Advantages of wooden knob puzzles

Wooden knob puzzles have proven to be the best way of improving a human minds memory by keeping it sharp especially for toddlers as it improves intelligence quotient and enhances their memory growth.

The knob puzzles are specifically designed for early learners who are in their initial stages. It comes with several advantages as listed below.

Done over and over

Kids can easily use knob puzzles over and over and can keep changing them or increasing the number of knob pieces as the child progresses. The parent or teacher can also make the wooden knob puzzles complex as the child progresses from one stage to the other. This will, in turn, improve the IQ and the memory of the child.

Easy Identification

The knob puzzlers for toddlers come in different colorings, sizes, and materials. Each knob piece has the color painted in it and the slot it fits for easy identification.  That way toddler can easily relate the colors of the slot and the knob piece for that slot. This eventually enables the kid to develop some sense of coordination and overall thinking capacity through stimulation and critical thinking.

Easy Grasping

Knob puzzlers for toddlers make it easy for the kids as young as one-year-old to hold with a lot of ease as it comes in different materials. Most of the wooden knob puzzles are extra thick and light to ensure that they remain steady on the floor or table and that the child can carry them around with a lot of ease.  Using large knob puzzles enables the kids to move them around the board with ease.

Easy To Work With

All the toddler knob puzzles are designed to enable kids to play with them with a lot of ease. However, the knob puzzles may not offer obvious solutions to the toddlers. Since they are meant for toddlers, the knob puzzles ensure that the kid does not struggle much to fill in. Common things that toddlers see in their surrounding make the major collection of the knob pieces. The puzzles are majorly the common household items like toothbrush, utensils, cars, dolls, and animals.

Once in a while, kids may indirectly be guided on how to fill the puzzles since removing the aspect of color recognition may be a little challenging when filling the puzzles. Thus knob puzzles are preferred by most trainers as kids can easily identify with. They are also long lasting compared to other types of puzzles.