3 Timeless Peg Puzzles for Toddlers

3 Timeless Peg Puzzles for Toddlers

There are various types of peg puzzles to choose for our kids. But one thing that stands out about most of these types of puzzles is their timeless nature. These boards have been used for many years, and they have remained relevant for years, and not even the age of computer games have been able to fade them away. One thing that you will love about peg puzzles for toddlers of the way they capture your kid’s attention. In addition they allow him/her to explore their skills and have unlimited fun while playing with them. But you need to get the right puzzle for your kid to enjoy these benefits. Check out some of the timeless and classic puzzle you should consider:

Non-Connecting Puzzles

These are definitely some of the most straightforward puzzles and some of the best choice to introduce to your kid at such a young age. One thing that makes these puzzles unique is the fact that they are designed with various pieces that are not connected to each other in any way. The images used for the puzzles may also belong to different categories, and that would make it easy for the kid since there is less confusion while playing the puzzle. For the starters, these peg puzzles for toddlers may have like 5 pieces of fruits drawn on it, and there could be a number over them. They come in different levels making them easy for your kid to advance with as they gain more proficiency.

Connecting Puzzles

Connecting puzzles are more advanced and more complex to solve. In fact, they are the perfect choice of boards to go to once your kid has reached good proficiency with the non-connecting puzzles. They are designed with puzzles that do not have any reference regarding where the pieces should be put. These peg puzzles for toddlers can as well be a challenge and requires a lot of thinking and perceptual skills for the kid to solve them. Therefore, you must ensure that your kid is good before you can start with these boards.

Missing Elements

Well, these peg puzzles for toddlers are a little bit ahead of the connecting types but are fun for the toddlers approaching 3 years. They are basically designed to help the kid identify the missing pieced to solve. They are more complicated than the last two but are fun if the kid reached the need for proficiency. However, it is recommended that the toddler is monitored closely and have the levels appropriately reviewed to help them the best out of the board.

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