Advantages of Jigsaw Puzzle to Children with Special Needs

Advantages of Jigsaw Puzzle to Children with Special Needs

Many reasons exist why any parent with little kids should own a jigsaw puzzle. Among them include availability in the market, inexpensive, fun and challenging. The good thing about these puzzles is that a wide range of people can use them. They offer experiences such as improving thinking skills and strengthening virtues such as patience. A toddler jigsaw puzzles can also hugely benefit children and teens with special needs such as autism. Some of these benefits include:

Problem Solving

Toddler jigsaw puzzles presents a one-solution problem and therefore becomes a great experience for people with special needs. It helps to train them on solving challenges to completion since the result is one. Completing the puzzle becomes the first step toward handling real-life situations that normally present a challenge to them. That’s how they are able to develop this skill gradually over time.

Improving memory

Assembling of the jigsaw puzzle’s pieces involves the memory a lot. Failure to complete the puzzle in one session of playing means that you have to remember where stopped. This help to improve the ability to remember things which is of huge benefit to kids with special needs. It also aids in building the attention span as much focus on different shapes, colours and sizes is a demand. Kids with conditions such as autism will greatly benefit from this skill.

Social skills

Kid with special needs such as autism have a problem with social interactions. But with toddler jigsaw puzzles enables working together. Particularly for children, they can combine efforts in assembling pieces of the puzzle. In the process, those with special needs get the opportunity to relate with others. They get the feeling of inclusion and also boost their listening skills. In such environment, they are able to build relationship as well as feel as part of the larger community.


Children with special needs always find the completion of tasks a big challenge. Assembling a jigsaw to the end creates a huge boost to their esteem and confidence. Finishing toddler jigsaw puzzles on themselves also give them the sense of independence. They acquire the belief that they can do things without relying on other people. This makes the work of those living with such people easier. Additionally, doing the puzzle to the end makes them happy. You will always see the sense of accomplishment light on the face of anyone after completing the puzzle.

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