How to Gauge Your Performance in Solving Wooden Peg Puzzles

How to Gauge Your Performance in Solving Wooden Peg Puzzles

There are various types of wooden puzzles in the market for parents to choose from. You can jigsaw puzzles, knob puzzles, pen puzzles and so on. However, wooden peg puzzles are among the most recommended for toddlers. That is because of their ability to improve toddlers’ grasping and overall motor skills.

For new parents, it is very difficult to gauge the performance of their kid about wooden peg puzzle. The fact is that it is not an easy thing to do. But with the right skills on how to do it, then it becomes quite easy for you to know how your kid is doing. Here are some of the key tips on how to gauge your kids:

Hand Movement over the Board

One of the main skills that kids gain by solving or playing puzzles in motor skills. The moving of things by hand over the board is one of the major skills and the reason why parents by these puzzles. If you want to gauge your kid improvement, this is one of the areas that you need to consider while gauging your kid. Check how they are how they are picking and holding pegs. How they are moving the pieces over the board. These are ways that you can easily gauge the level of improved in solving wooden peg puzzles.

Time They Take

At the start of the game, you will notice that the kid is slow in learning, especially if they are doing it themselves. They will take time to learn where each of the pieces should be put. You can easily track their understanding by tracking their time. This is very easy. All that you need is to ensure that every time they are playing the puzzle, you have set the time. If you notice that they are improving their speed, then it is an indication that they are getting better in solving wooden peg puzzles.

Making Attempts at Higher Level

This is another way that you can gauge your kid performance in solving wooden peg puzzles. If you feel that they are already done with the current puzzles, you can introduce them to a higher level. One thing about puzzles is that they are continuous hence the current level introduces the kid to the next level. If the kid is already good, they will find it easy to start the next level.

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