Storage Solution for Wooden Peg Puzzles

Storage Solution for Wooden Peg Puzzles

Nobody can underestimate the importance of wooden peg puzzles to child’s development. They build multiple skills such as fine motor, memory, coordination, and creativity. However, it is disgusting when you have to buy the puzzles after a short period due to damage or misplacement. This happens during storage when puzzle pieces fell off or knock off when left on floor or tables. Most of the manufacturing companies fail to offer better storage packs when selling the puzzle. It is therefore up to you to find a perfect box to put after use. Some of the best solution to this include:

Sewing fabric bags

You do not have to go to the stores and buy a box for storing the wooden peg puzzle. You can simply sew a bag from some of the idle fabric in the houses such as unused clothes. However, you first need to take into account the size of the complete puzzle before you start sewing. This will ensure that you do not make a smaller bag or an oversized one. Put a zip as well on the top or some rubber string to allow tight closing after sliding in the puzzle.

Making a wooden box

This also provides an opportunity to make a useful piece from wooden material within your home. It is easier to make a small box to fit a wooden peg puzzle. You just require small pieces of timber and a portion of the cupboard. Just as in fabric bags, you also need to consider the measurements of your puzzle. This is an affordable storage solution hence no pressure on your wallet.

Plastic bags

Some of the plastic bags that come with products from supermarkets and others stores are perfect for storing puzzles. You will, however, have to choose the size that fit your wooden peg puzzle. Furthermore, you have to select the packing bag with a good thickness to avoid easy tearing by wooden pieces. It is also important to note that plastic bags are cheap and flexible.

Carton boxes

Another readily available solution for wooden peg puzzle storage includes the use of carton boxes. These also come with different products acquired from stores. You will only have to take the perfect size in regard to your puzzle measurements. An example of these boxes includes those that pack pizzas. These will guarantee safe storage of your puzzle hence longer lifespan.

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